Friday, November 17, 2006

Percy Faith conducts his Orchestra ...
and YOU are there!!!

Leave it to our good friend Bill Halvorsen (The Percy Faith Pages) to keep us all up to date with the latest PF news! Seems that our fellow music lover Alan Bunting (UK) has uncovered and restored the vintage black-and-white filmed TV special "Music of the '60's" hosted by Ed Prentiss.

It was filmed "on-location with synch-sound" at the cavernous, vaulted-roofline Columbia/Epic Records studio once used for the original "LIVE" CBS Radio Network broadcasts like Dragnet, Fannie Brice's Baby Snooks , etc. The historic and now-endangered Columbia Square complex, at 6121 Sunset Boulevard, was more recently known as the former home of KNX NewsRadio 1070, KNXT-cum-KCBS-TV (aka: Channel 2, KCBS-LA.)

You may have seen the building's pale mauve-beige streamlined Art-Deco exteriors on my various web sites and on old reruns of CBS-TV's hit show "The Munsters" featuring legendary comic great Louis Nye as a ghoulish TV kids' show host. After the Columbia Recording Studios (LA) closed in the mid-1970's, the label's talent used various indie studios like A&M (Chaplin lot, LaBrea & Sunset) for their sessions. The complex was largely taken over by the local Los Angeles CBS "O & O" radio and TV outlets over the past 30 years.

This film features Harold "Chappie" Chapman as the control room engineer/board operator on the clunky old, customized 8-in/3-out console. That behemoth mixer remained in use until the early 1970's and can still be seen on liner note photos of many Faith and Conniff LP's and CD's.

I'll include more details on this after Thanksgiving. For now, the links are posted below. Keep in mind that you WILL definitely need a broadband connection and LOTS of memory to view this video (WMV) feature. Probably something along the lines of a all-fiber-fed ISP, or a sufficiently fast top-tier cable modem service. Best to save the video file to your hard drive to enjoy viewing it later, off-line.

This URL will take you to the movie:

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